Aviation Disasters

Aviation Disasters

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International Aviation Disasters

International aviation disasters are uncommon and almost always involve diverse and conflicting aspects of state law, foreign law and international treaties. As result of the rarities and complexities associated with airplane accidents, it is imperative that victims and their families obtain immediate representation from trial attorneys with specific experience in this field.

At Doyon & White, our partners have directly navigated the complexities of both domestic and international aviation disasters. These efforts have included leading accident reconstruction investigations to determine the role of weather systems, mechanical failure, pilot error, defective navigational tools, insufficient maintenance, excessive age of planes, crew fatigue, air traffic controller negligence and terrorism. We have extensive experience working with and advocating for clients with (and sometimes against) the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

We understand that certain international airlines operate in regions with less stringent regulatory frameworks, leading to potential safety and operational concerns. Statistics have shown that airlines operating under such circumstances may exhibit higher rates of accidents and safety breaches. Our firm remains dedicated to holding these potentially less regulated international airlines accountable for any negligence or misconduct that contributes to aviation disasters. With a keen understanding of the global aviation landscape, we are committed to advocating for the rights of victims and their families, ensuring they receive the compensation and closure they deserve.

Domestic Aviation Disasters

While rare, airplane crashes are devastating to so many at once. With a proven track record in handling a range of domestic aviation disaster cases, our firm is adept at navigating the intricate legal landscape that surrounds such incidents, to provide unwavering support and legal representation to those affected by such a disaster. We work closely with overseeing boards, industry experts, and regulatory authorities to thoroughly investigate the potential issues that contribute to plane crashes. These issues may include pilot error, mechanical malfunctions, maintenance oversights, crew fatigue, air traffic controller negligence, and other factors that compromise the safety of commercial and private flights.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by such a tragic event, the trial attorneys at Doyon & White uniquely have the experience in aviation litigation to represent you and your family and ease the stress and heavy burden during this difficult time. The laws and jurisdiction involved in commercial plane and private plane crashes are complex and broad. Through experience, we understand the immediate steps necessary to successfully navigate the intricacies of the airline industry and associated investigating agencies. While you are grieving your loss, our team will work on your behalf to bring justice.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a domestic aviation disaster, whether involving commercial or private planes, please reach out to us for a confidential consultation. Our compassionate team is ready to provide the dedicated legal representation and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of domestic aviation disaster litigation.

Airport Negligence

Airline and airport accidents are not limited to devastating crashes. We are keenly aware of injuries and accidents that occur in various contexts beyond mid-air incidents. Falls caused by maintenance issues, turbulence-related injuries, inattentive crew mistakes and malfunctioning equipment can significantly impact travelers resulting in physical harm and financial loss. Our firm has successfully pursued claims for clients who have experienced such injuries at the fault of airlines and airports.

At Doyon & White, our partners have directly navigated the various levels of claims associated with airport premise accidents. We have extensive experience working with and advocating for clients with (and sometimes against) the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration as well as many major airline operators.

If you or a loved one has unfortunately been tragically impacted by an airport accident, the team at Doyon & White Law Group is here to guide you forward in fighting for answers and the compensation that you and your family deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Your Legal Services Cost?

Attorney’s fees vary by case. For wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases we are able to represent clients on a contingency basis, this means you don’t pay anything up front, and only owe a fee when we win you compensation.

For non-contingency matters, such as business disputes and most probate litigation, we are retained on an hourly basis.

All attorney’s fees and costs will be reviewed with you prior to any agreement between you and our firm, at Doyon & White Law Group, we pride ourselves on having transparent conversations aimed at creating reasonable fee agreements.

Can you tell me whether I have a strong case without having to spend a lot of Money?

A complimentary consultation is the first step in our process. We want to meet you and you want to meet us to make sure we are collectively the right fit for your serious matter. The initial consultation is for you to tell us about your case, whether it’s a probate matter or the sudden death of a loved one that you believe is the fault of another. After discussing the details, we will advise you on if we believe we can successfully represent your interests. At this time we will review the expected time lines and potential recovery uniquely associated with your matter.

How Long Will It Take To Get To The End Of The Legal Process?

The length of time required to see your case through to completion varies by case. During your initial consultation, we will review the expected time lines and potential recovery uniquely associated with your matter.

How soon after an incident do I need to hire an attorney?

Usually, there is a statute of limitations on bringing a claim. This means you have a limited amount of time to notify the other party of your claim for damages and filing with the appropriate courts. For most wrongful death and catastrophic injury claims, you have less than two years from the date of loss to file a lawsuit in Connecticut. It is therefore advisable to speak with an attorney as soon as you become aware of a potential issue, from there we can help you formulate a plan of action.

How often will you update me on the status of my case?

At Doyon & White Law Group we are prompt to respond to client inquiries and ahead of the curve in conveying case updates. Our attorneys will keep you updated on progress, reach out to you with questions, and advise you on next steps along the way. If you need reassurance or are unsure about a notice or mail you receive, we welcome a call anytime and offer same day in person appointments when available.

What are my responsibilities as a client?

To best represent your interests, it is important that you remain actively engaged with us and keep us updated on any new case-related information throughout the process. It’s important that our clients make themselves available for court hearings and depositions. At Doyon & White Law Group our goal is to take away the stress and ambiguity associated with your fight for justice. We pride ourselves on being beside you to guide you every step of the way.

Linda Baker


Linda is the seasoned probate paralegal working together with clients helping them through probate administration following the loss of a loved one. Joining the team in 2023, she has brought 25+ years of legal experience to the firm with extensive proficiency in all administrative tasks, Probate Court knowledge, complex document preparation, and case management. Linda works exceedingly well the court’s staff and cultivates close relationships with new and existing clientele.

Linda is a long-time resident of the area and loves going for walks on the beach before work. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Ken, and their three grown children. She enjoys road trips, is an avid reader, collector of sea glass and is an amateur artist. 

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis paralegal Doyon & White Law Group

Ashley is the paralegal working directly with our attorneys and our clients. The attorneys at Doyon & White are grateful that our clients feel comfortable reaching out to Ashley for status updates or quick questions when the attorneys are unavailable. Ashley has a background in customer service with 10 years in the hotel industry and enjoys the client relation aspect of her job the most. Ashley is intimately familiar with the details of our client’s cases, processes and reviews all medical records, and communicates with attorneys and insurance adjusters.

Ashley moved to Branford, Conn from Northern California in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys the four seasons New England offers by playing golf and tennis in the summer and looks forward to snow days and skiing in the winter.

Trevor Doyon, Esq.

attorney Trevor Doyon Doyon & White Law Group

Attorney Doyon was born and raised in the hills of Northwest Connecticut. Trevor began his legal career serving as the clerk for several Superior Court Judges, many of whom are now members of the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts.

Before forming Doyon & White Law Group, Trevor was the Managing Partner of a successful mid-size law-firm’s Litigation Department.  Trevor has favorably authored and argued hundreds of motions and hearings in every Judicial District of Connecticut, in addition to winning numerous contested arbitrations and jury trial verdicts. Attorney Doyon is known and respected for his determined approach to unique and difficult legal issues by clients and judges alike.

Trevor has been honored as a Super Lawyer’s Rising Star for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, a selection made by colleagues and peers and reserved for less than five percent of lawyers in Connecticut. Attorney Doyon has also been nominated to the “National Trial Lawyer’s Top 100” list, was recognized by the American Institute for Lawyers as “Top 10 for Client Satisfaction,” and has been a featured guest speaker at Yale University’s Trial Law Camp.

When he’s not in Court, Trevor enjoys spending time with his wife Becky, their two daughters and their Great Dane “Gronk,” in addition to supporting anything UConn sports and coaching Connecticut’s only national level Sled Hockey team.

Patrick White, Esq.

Attorney Patrick White Doyon & White Law Group

Attorney White was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. After graduation from Fordham University, he worked in commercial finance in New York City before attending Quinnipiac University School of Law. Upon graduation he served as a clerk in the Superior Court in both the criminal and civil divisions.

Prior to forming Doyon & White Law Group, Attorney White practiced at a mid-size firm in Hamden, Connecticut where he mainly handled criminal defense, habeas cases, and civil litigation matters. Attorney White’s experience arguing before jury trials and court trials has led to winning favorable results for his clients on many occasions. Attorney White’s civil litigation experience includes personal injury representation, business litigation, and insurance coverage disputes.

Attorney White is a thoughtful and diligent advocate for all his clients and is respected for the rapport he builds and compassion he conveys.

Attorney White is a member of the New Haven County Bar Association and previously served as the President of the New Haven Young Lawyers Association.

Still a proud New Haven resident, Attorney White enjoys spending time in the city with his wife Sara, their two young children, and their pit bull, Ghost. He’s an avid UConn basketball fan and New York Yankees fan.